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I am originally from Chicago, although I grew up in North Carolina. I fell into theater in middle school, when a teacher pushed me to compete in the English Speaking Union’s Shakespeare Recitation Competitions. Although hesitant at first, soon I was in love with the feeling. The feeling of sharing someone else’s truth, of connecting with an audience, of fully stepping into someone else’s shoes and experiencing a life different that somehow incredibly resonated with my own. After I realized storytelling was my calling, I started taking acting classes, letting my friends practice photography on me, and envisioning my future as an artist. I began to realize I wanted to share my own truth, in addition to embodying someone else’s. My visions for truth turned into writing poetry and working as a creative director for local photographers. Currently, I have finished my BFA degree in Acting from Florida State University, and moved to Atlanta, GA where I currently work as a social media manager for mutiple brands while pursuing my professional acting career.

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The goal of an artist is to remain focused, committed, and passionate to their art every day of their life. The reality of life is that careers, as well as goals, take many twist and turns over the years. I respect that my wants and needs change frequently, and that art will always be in my life in some form. My ultimate intention is to keep my gaze focused on the heart of my artistry; inspiring other artists to feel comfortable in their own skin. My work should remind artists that no matter what their story is, it's valid, necessary, and compelling on it's own. There is beauty hidden everywhere. I seek to help each director, photographer, and creative I work with find the beauty in themselves and their work.
You can follow my journey through this site.

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                 I have been cast in numerous Torchlight Productions while attending Florida State University. My recent film accreditations include being awarded "Best Actress" in the 2023 Miami Film Festival for my work in "DreamCity;" a short film by Shari Petti ("Daze") that has been accepted into the Pan - African film festival and Screamfest Horror film festival; and another directed by Maya Brown ("I Am My Sister's Keeper") that has been accepted into the Black August Film Festival. In 2022, I was on the cover of (and the centerfold model for) STRIKE Magazine, and I have been captured in multiple previous editions of various College Fashion magazines.

You can find my cover issue here

Still from "I Am My Sister's Keeper"
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