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I create concepts for photoshoots, videos, and small-scale events in addition to styling models, booking venue spaces, and connecting photographers with a creative design team.

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Creative Direction: Service

Creative Director for DWF Magazine - 2022

Curated every magazine shoot, assisted concept directors, styled, posed, and edited photo shoots as Executive Creative Director, in addition to modeling for DWF Magazine. Designed, hosted, and executed a successful fashion show in the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts utilizing local Tallahassee talent, showcased below.

Previous Concepts

Creative Direction: Testimonials
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"I have a ghost beneath my skin,

she mourns her life from within

she aches for a flower to take her place

and erase all her past life's mistakes." 

This concept was created after reflecting on the birth of Spring. Spring is a time of renewal; the flowers blossom; the animals come out of hibernation; the world hits refresh. I started to think about how Spring could affect the soul. I was drawn to Persephone and what her image might be. 


Model: Heaven Jones

Photographer: Autumn Love

"A Ghost Beneath My Skin"

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